Sharing information is one of the best ways we can all help each other, especially when it comes to doctors and with so many unknowns when it comes to health tips or results that actually worked for others. There are many health tips and advice shared below by the community. In some cases it may be what a doctor told you and what your symptoms were, and what actually worked or didnt work for you. Have something you want to share? It can be on any topic, please feel free to submit it here. For health information it's always recommended to see your doctor, however this information below may provide some additional information based on what others experienced.

Various Tips and Health Advice (Submitted by the community)
Health Tips Submitted

Strep throat test and cost

Face is red from windburn

Back is always itchy in same spot

Wart on nose - How I got rid of a wart

Lisinopril causes nasal congestion and lightheaded

What is the typical cost for Crestor?

Jaw swelling under ear when eating

Using alcortin a on red irritated skin

Gritty sand in eye feeling

Painfull ribs - Cracked or bruised ribs

Cost of invisalign braces

Is green poop normal

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Other Tips Submitted

Here is the ASCII character sequence

Airplane mode Iphone

Ipod Shuffle lights and colors

International text with imessage

Roomba automatic vacuum does it work

Update Example - SQL Update

Various possible CICS codes (From DFHRESP Exec CICS)

Creating and filling out money order

Removing or fixing sink stopper

Using coffee grounds as fertilizer

Windows monitor with Mac Mini

How to bake a turkey

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